Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace – Today I’m sharing quick and easy styling tips for decorating a fireplace with a TV above it.

We love our new fireplace, you can read all about how we built it here. One of the reasons we built a fireplace in this room was to transform the wall where we had our TV. We don’t like the look of a media console, and the fireplace was the perfect way to add a statement.

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

Adding a TV above the fireplace can create a tricky design problem. A design question I often hear is how to decorate a fireplace with a TV above it. Having a TV above the fireplace leaves limited space and can be difficult to decorate.

White Fireplace Ideas For A Bright Focal Point

Today I want to share with you my tips for decorating a mantel with a TV. And how you can style the entire room around your fireplace. Every room is about layering the right elements.

Fireplace design can be divided into three main areas. The middle just below the TV and the two sides.

The center can be the hardest area to decorate because you often have the most limited space between the base of the TV and the fireplace. My solution to this would be to put something unobtrusive. Personally, I like to use a narrow tray or long wooden bowl like the one shown here. I use mine to hold the remote for my electric fireplace.

On the sides, you have a little more flexibility depending on the size of your TV; generally you have some height to work with on both sides. I like to add a different element to each page instead of using two of the same element. This creates visual interest and a more visually appealing design.

Living Room Fireplace Ideas

For my fireplace I used a live satin pothos plant on one side. Using an element of greenery, whether fake or real, is the perfect decor for your fireplace. I love using a pothos plant or one that climbs. This will allow it to fall over the side of the fireplace. Another form of greenery would be to make a flower pot. Be creative, but one of your elements must be green.

On the other hand, some types of candles or candlesticks are a good option. For my fireplace I used a set of three battery powered pillar lights. The great thing about these is that you’re not burning a real flame, but they look real and come with a handy remote control. A set of three in different heights adds interest and fits perfectly on the side of my fireplace.

Candlesticks are also a good choice because they are tall and thin. I recommend using three at different heights. They can be made of metal or wood, whichever suits your style.

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

Now that you have your fireplace set up, I have a few more tips on what to put under and on the side of the fireplace.

Family Room Ideas You’ll Love

I like the look of a tall plant next to a fireplace. It was a perfect fit for our situation. We had enough room next to the fireplace for a plant. I went with a fake violin soundboard. This one was incredibly cheap compared to others I’ve seen on the market and it looks so real. You can buy this violin sheet here. I put it in this fabric basket. The contrast and texture it adds looks great against white, overlapping walls.

I’ve also been loving olive trees lately and this would be perfect for the side of a fireplace.

The area in front of the fireplace is another great place to add some decor. If you don’t have a fireplace, a stool is the perfect item to place in front of your fireplace. I like the cozy neutral texture of this one. They also add extra seating to your room.

If you have a fireplace, you can place a basket of firewood or blankets on one side and a lantern with candles on the other.

Family Room Tv Ideas

I hope my fireplace inspires you to decorate your own fireplace. And that these simple styling tips will help you decorate the fireplace with a TV above it. Thanks as always for visiting the blog. Be sure to check out my other coat styling tips below.

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With a living room with a fireplace, you automatically create an eye-catcher in your room. However, this can also cause challenges for your layout. How do you know where to place the sofa? Can you get another TV? Should the TV be above the fireplace? In this blog we will go through the different scenarios for decorating a living room with a fireplace.

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

In open-concept layouts, fireplaces are often placed in the center of the room. This layout is one of the easiest to decorate. Stack your TV above the fireplace to enhance the existing visual focal point and allow it to serve as a centralized place for entertainment.

How To Decorate A Fireplace Around Tv Cords — Aratari At Home

Your seating should form a U-shaped arrangement to make the large area facing the fireplace warm and inviting. I suggest looking for big, comfortable pieces that make people want to curl up by the fireplace and watch a movie.

All the focus in your living room will be on your fireplace, so the rest of your living room should be pretty straightforward. You can consider tall bookshelves to flank your TV and fireplace. But any finishing touch you add to the bookshelves or the art you add to the wall should be simple. If you clutter up this space, your bedroom can quickly feel overwhelming.

If you have a corner fireplace, you have a wide range of decoration options at your disposal. This layout allows you to turn heads if you choose to place a TV in your living room. If you have your fireplace in the corner, you can still place a TV on the main wall. I recommend having a media cabinet under the TV, which will help anchor this part of the room. If you can coordinate it with the fireplace’s architectural elements, it will fit in perfectly.

As for furniture, look for a sectional. This all-in-one seating solution is a comfortable way to ensure that everyone can enjoy this cozy space. It also has the added advantage of providing even focus on both the fireplace in the corner and the TV next to it.

Can You Hang A Tv Over A Fireplace? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

As in our second example, be careful not to overcrowd the room. You want to be sure that you can easily walk between all the pieces of furniture without bumping into anything. Feel free to add a coffee table, side table and perhaps an extra chair if you expect to have many guests.

If you have a small living room with a large fireplace, you may not know how to decorate it properly. I suggest you use one of the layout tricks described above for small living rooms. Here are my favorite tricks to make a small living room feel bigger.

Do you have a living room that is not designed for real use? Depending on how old your home is, you may have a room with a fireplace that feels more like a “living room.” It can be small with little wall space, many windows and a large fireplace. This clumsy layout does not lend itself to simple decor.

Family Room Decorating Ideas With Tv And Fireplace

What are you doing? Any sofa you put on it will look smug. A TV just doesn’t fit anywhere. Armchairs can be the solution, but in what arrangement?

Living Rooms With A Fireplace And Tv

For small, awkward living rooms with fireplaces, I suggest four matching armchairs around a modest coffee table. You can consider framing the fireplace with bookshelves if the windows allow it. Although this is less of an entertainment space and more of a social space, make it feel more functional, comfortable and cozy than it otherwise would.

Don’t let your fireplace put you off! Fireplaces bring charm to any room, creating an instant focal point and making it feel cozier. One of the best ways to clarify your vision during this process is to discover your design style. Read 8 popular design styles explained – which one are you? For more information.

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