Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor – I don’t have crazy smelly feet or anything, but it’s nice to have nice smelling shoes! I’m always looking for natural shoe deodorizer recipes that will make my world a little better, so I decided to try this new method of deodorizing shoes.

It turns out that tea bags are a great solution for a simple homemade shoe deodorant without washing the shoes.

Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

The best part about using tea bags to deodorize your shoes is that you can choose any scent or should I say any tea bag scent that you like. Apple spice, mint or lavender scented shoes anyone?

Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

I thought I’d try this new shoe deodorant solution with some banana tea bags because I always have a few boxes and hey, banana shoes are good for me!

That and less time will have you having a sweet smelling flat or flats in no time 😉

I started by adding only 2 bags per shoe Finally I decided to go full force and use 3 tea bags on each shoe to deodorize my shoes and make them smell as good as possible.

Bad shoe odor is caused by bacteria in the warm moisture of your shoes. Drying them helps kill bacteria and reduces odor.

Do Rothy’s Make Your Feet Stink? How To Clean Rothys The Right Way

Tea bags work well for odor control because they are absorbent They usually absorb some moisture while the tea is brewing

With this method of shoe deodorization we use those properties for other methods and remove moisture and odor from our shoes.

Not only will your shoes be odor-free after 24 hours, but they’ll smell amazing! Sometimes I let my shoes sit for a couple of days or longer

Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

After letting my shoes sit for a day, I bravely put my nose on the heel of my shoe and gave it a big bang.

Diy Shoe Odor Eliminator Powder And Spray

Not only did I leave behind the burning breath of smelly feet, but the smell of freshly brewed tea filled my nostrils. I was happy with how well this method worked for me

Mileage may vary depending on tea preference and the amount of odor, but this is definitely a shoe deodorizing method to try for yourself. Tea bags are especially good in a pinch when you have no other option to deodorize shoes.

If you’re still looking for a shoe odor solution, you can also check out my other posts: Shoe Deodorizing Sachets and Shoe Deodorizing Powder .

Or see my Moso Naturals review for a pre-made option Moso Natural makes some really great charcoal deodorant bags that are perfect to use in shoes, bags or just about anywhere.

Steps To Remove The Smell From Shoes

Let me know how tea bags work in your fight against foot odor in the comments, and share this post if you find it helpful!

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If you use tea bags to remove odors from your shoes, do you reuse the same tea bag over and over again?

Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

It’s crazy amazing! I really want it. I will definitely try it Thanks for sharing 7 unexpected ways to deodorize your shoes for a fresh start Well, your shoes smell After all, you are only human Not that you want to stink up the elevator on the 17th floor or create the most uncomfortable rideshare experience of all time.

Stinky Shoes? How To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

Let’s give some advice as this is not our first situation with dear HMS We’ve been helping people solve their smelly shoe problem for a while now, and we’ve discovered 7 (yes, it counts) 7 unexpected things you can do to free your current foot from its oppressive reign. Bring your friends, family and colleagues Don’t freeze them, your freezer isn’t just for boneless chicken breasts and ice cream sandwiches. The same goes for your smelly shoes, which, honestly, have seen a lot: locker room floors, playgrounds, office bathroom tiles. So how about this? Place the shoes in a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight Bacteria thrive in warm, dark places, so a focused blast of fresh air kills bacteria and prevents odors from worsening. Bonus: It’s a great way to cool off when your feet are hot and stinky in the summer A win, a win! Your feet (and nose) will thank you after your shoes melt

Bacteria love dark, moist environments, so when your feet sweat all day in your shoes, bacteria thrive (if you can read that sentence without repeating it). The only solution to that humidity? Fill the shoe with kitty litter It removes moisture and neutralizes odors depending on the type of garbage Make sure you loosen them after a few hours, otherwise your furry friend may try to relieve himself in your favorite sandals and have the exact opposite effect we’re looking for. Shout out to the cat people: You may show up to every performance with cat hair on your clothes, but at least your shoes won’t smell! Does the wind ever roll down your window for a breath of fresh air? Do the same courtesy by leaving the shoes in an open window for a day or so It can do wonders for the underlying odor it carries and the sun’s UV rays help kill germs Also, it can cause you to freak out For those of you who wear the same shoes every day, consider getting a second pair so you can dry them out a few times a week.

If your shoes smell bad after a febreeze (part) change, the root of your odor problem may be traced to the soles of your shoes. This means that your feet sweat a lot during the day, and all that sweat is going away Net: It’s a good idea to replace your shoe soles (or insoles, if you have one) at least once a year. Replacing insoles is fairly easy (and cheap), but you’ll need to find a shoemaker to replace the soles of your shoes. If you replace the sole, the planet will thank you (less waste in a landfill than throwing away shoes) and you can say you have a shoe rack. Now that’s what we call an adult The next time you’re caught in a spontaneous rain storm, stay dry and remember, humidity is the enemy. Sure, seeking shelter or lifting your wet shirt might be the first thing that immediately comes to mind, but we encourage getting out of your wet shoes as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of time before the moisture turns into smelly mold Try this: Take off your shoes and stuff them in a couple of dry towels or some crumpled newspaper to speed up the drying process. It’s much better than forgetting shoes in the closet, only to smell them two days later And that’s it! Seven unexpected ways to make your favorite shoes social-ready Now that you’re an expert on how to get odor out of your shoes, consider spreading the word about PSA Together, we can change the experience of sharing small, messy spaces forever

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Ways To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

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