Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace – Get all our tips, tricks and ideas for our family fireplace makeover easy fireplace makeover ideas on a budget with and after photos and 3 reasons why we decided to paint our fireplace black!

Eight years after painting our fireplace white (see here , here , and here ), it seems only fitting that I decided to give our family fireplace a makeover by painting it black!

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

We were able to reuse and downsize our old stove and use scraps like 1/4 inch MDF in the garage to make this electric stove cheap and affordable.

A Complete Guide To Painting Fireplace Brick (2023)

Here’s a cost breakdown ($27 per quart of paint, $16 for 1/4 inch drywall and $19 for plastic molding = $62 out of pocket for this DIY fireplace makeover).

The old fireplace mantel we had was 6 inches deep on the front and sides and 5 feet high.

This fireplace limits the size of the TV we have and is larger than we would like.

Because the fireplace mantel is head height, its height is often in the way when you walk in and out of the fireplace or around our family room sliding door table.

Fireplace Makeover: Grey Paint

Wooden paneling is built into the room and takes up unnecessary space above the fireplace.

Instead of adding boards to the fireplace, we added 1/4 inch drywall to cover the holes in the wall and give our fireplace a modern farmhouse makeover.

To give our fireplace mantel some character, we created a circle for the top of the fireplace with MDF.

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

Jason cut the old stove in half to 3 inches using his table saw and added the stove front.

Paint Colors For A Fireplace In Kathy’s Mid Century Modern House

There is a small room above the fireplace to keep other things out of sight, including a TV and sound box.

We decided to remove the sides of the fireplace mantel because they act like dust magnets or hit our heads.

We also decided to remove the stone from the floor as it was another place to collect dust and also not suitable for a wood background.

Jason added new beefier white molding above the fireplace as well as the rest of the farmhouse.

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The black color we chose for this fireplace works well to hide and blend in with the TV, sound box and our wood burning stove.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the size of your TV, this is the only solution instead of painting your stove black!!!

No matter how many times I whitewash our family home fire, eventually the wood chips will come.

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

Our black wood stove does a good job of hiding the pine as well as the occasional smoke we see when burning wet wood or bad barrels in our stove.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace • Project Allen Designs

Our black DIY fireplace makeover really speaks for itself and like I said before adds a lot of character, softness and modern farmhouse style to our farmhouse room.

I hope this article answers your questions about DIY fireplace makeovers and inspires you to try a fireplace makeover with black paint in your home! I was busy. I’m trying to remember the last time I picked up the paint – it must have been nine months ago when I finished renovating the bathroom in our old house. It’s like riding a bike – it supports me! So did the shoulder pain. 😂 A

So I told you a few weeks ago about some big plans for my house – I started the bathroom with leather and stick walls. But I am a butterfly…I fly from one project to another. Sometimes I’m cool and laser-focused, but let’s be honest, it’s rare. It’s fun to have a blank canvas again!

I want to finish this project, because I know it will be good. It only comes to order in one color. I knew I wanted to go with a dark color because I liked the contrast. I want you in our house. I love the beautiful wall for a few months, but I love the rich color of the fireplace wall:

Best Brick Fireplace Ideas To Make Your Living Room Inviting In 2022

This is an inspirational picture that I have been saving for years. We considered expanding our old family home last year and here are our goals for the space:

It didn’t happen but the long, dark and beautiful fire in my head never went out!

I didn’t take pictures of the process because, well. He was bored. I turned off the stove and closed the top of the mantel. I also covered the bottom of the stove with a cloth.

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

I knew when I started that it would be better than I expected. Two coats were needed but two was good. As you can see… I can’t seem to reach the top. Well, I can, but the altitude makes me sweat. My hands are sweating now at the thought of climbing the stairs. I hire for it.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace For A Modern Look

But I can’t wait to tell you because… AWESOME!! Here’s the fireplace wall in its new gorgeous, rich, dark gray/blue color that I’m currently obsessed with:

I’m so glad I was in front. I used an extension pole and a 10-foot-ladder to gain height. I decided to go there and cut it…but sweaty hands and all.

Color? Colors I’m currently in love with and want throughout my home? Sherwin-Williams has Cyberspace. Perfect dark grey/blue. Sometimes it looks like the ocean and sometimes it is dark. My all time favorite:

I’m sure I’ve been told no less than 100 times over the years – the biggest bottle in your house is paint. It will transform a room with little effort. I don’t like drawing – I found it cathartic when I started. (I hate that setup!) But it’s so boring because of the length. Still…it’s totally worth it for a big mistake!

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Two things I love – TVs and sound bars aren’t in your face like they used to be. This is a win in my book. Also, a nice fireplace surround and the tiles are really singing right now. He is a star. Oh, and three – brass sounds crazy good:

I put the dark colored fireplace tiles as a picture for inspiration. I’m so glad the gray tile worked! The color balances the space well – the dark chairs and walls work well together.

Imperfections don’t bother me as much as I thought they would, because we’re crazy about contrast and color. But I have already called others. 🙂

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

I used a small piece of foam for the back of the TV. I didn’t submit, there was no reason. Is that enough then? That’s a big NO. But will anyone see? A large no.

Dining Room Articles

I’m going to add some wall treatments with trim but I haven’t finished what I want. I thought I had made up my mind but I changed. I want to go ahead and paint it first so we can enjoy it in darker colors.

It’s very beautiful during the day, but it’s even more beautiful at night. When the candles are lit and we have a fire (usually lately because it’s cold…grrr) it’s so yummy and delicious! Honestly, I wish I had done this sooner!

This is my favorite – before and after! Before the drywall, this is the room I first fell in love with in this house:

Again, this color is called cyberspace and I will use it again. I’ve decided on a dark color for the bottom of the kitchen cabinets (we’ll do that one day) and I think this will do. If you’re looking for deep color contrast, it’s fine. I’m always looking for easy ways to decorate a space with less time and effort. This is especially true when we are between tasks or waiting to be done.

Green Living Room Ideas For A Relaxing Decor Upgrade

Another home we are dealing with is the living room. We’re 75% there, all that’s missing is the base, the manual and some minor tweaks. But this small change prevented me from completing the task. I had a hard time choosing colors and furniture for our small living room.

First, let’s talk a little about color that makes a room beautiful. To do this we need to know what “comfortable” means.

Comfortable by definition

Paint Ideas For Living Room With Fireplace

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