How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment – …Shout out to the millennials as we come to a time that is cutting us out of our cramped quarters, wondering if we can live the American dream in an old home.

After a few physical altercations with your closet, where he looks like he’s about to throw out the clothes he’s full of, and the big feet and tall legs of your upstairs neighbors, it’s hard for you. Don’t feel like home is near. you drive a madman

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

I came there. Oh, I went there a lot. My fellow studio dwellers, I’m here for you and your studio furniture.

How To Make Your Studio Apartment The Envy Of Your Street!

I swear to you – I swear. – There are ways to restore cleanliness to your tiny house. I know this from 10 years of small apartment living, plus 3 years of what was essentially an apartment in NYC.

Trust me, I’m fine living in a small place. And because I’m also a type A junkie who refuses to come home to a disorganized mess, I’ve been making a conscious effort to transform each of my tiny homes over the years into stylish oases somewhere where I comfortable and at home.

But I understand that not everyone has the desire or time to invest such energy to find out how to make their home beautiful. If you’ve never decorated before, how do you know where to start?

That’s why Moda Misfit is here; act as your guide and demystify the act of styling. I’m here to manage it and make access easy. I would love it if anyone but myself could benefit from my passion. 🖤

Cosy Not Cramped: How To Make The Most Of A Small Space

Yours truly in my little kitchen, which is so small it’s the only way to stay inside.

If you want to dive deeper after reading the 5 tips in this post, you can download my free book Studio Styling 101 which shows you the 3 main things I did to make my studio my dream home . This is perfect if you need equipment to help you get your studio organized and finally ready to go.

Without further ado, here are 5 simple things you can do to make your office more comfortable and relaxing.

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

I personally think these three things should be your bed, your sofa and your chair. I think the Big 3 should be the first to buy or put in a room. Everything else can be rotated around them and can be small: coffee table, sound table, bookcase, even TV stand. But your big 3 are pieces worth investing in.

Functional Studio Apartment Tips To Make A Space Versatile

If you’re looking to move into a new home, or are planning to renovate your current home, this is a good, simple idea to keep in mind when shopping or choosing what to keep and what to keep. . sell or donate.

Because getting in and finding your home is very difficult. If you prioritize the big 3, you’ll find that everything else in the room falls a little out of place.

Why did I specify beds, sofas and chairs as my big 3? My idea is very simple and comes from thinking about work (but it may be obvious nonsense to many of you). It’s about convenience, association and productivity. (I tried my best to keep changing, but I couldn’t… do it.)

Again, almost anything other than the Big 3 can be small and still look good and work. But the Big 3… in my book, these things need to be big to be efficient and functional, and if you only have space for one small piece of furniture, these 3 should be it. That tells me. #2…

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Studio Apartment

In my studio, I divide the space into three specific “rooms”: living room, bedroom, and office. This is where the Big 3 really come in, as each Big 3 acts as an anchor in the definition of each ‘room’ – the sofa defines the living room, the bed in the bedroom and the office desk.

Not only does this make your bed, couch, and desk the three main pieces of furniture in your studio, but it can go a long way in defining the “room” you want. any of the spaces.

This is another little trick to create separation and space. Area rugs. I tell you, local rugs can take up a lot of space and not only define it, but really anchor it. They give your eyes a place to fall and tell you what the universe is like.

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

Why define each small room as its own unique space? What does it actually do? Check out my studio in the photos below. My ‘living room’ is completely above my ‘bedroom’ – very convenient, no doubt. But it works because these are very specific areas.

Best Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas & Design Inspirations

In the “Before and after” post about my office, I talk about how the sofa is a really important player here.

I decided to do something that felt good, but also went against common sense. placing the sofa in the middle of the space. You put a large sofa in the middle of a small space. Yes! That’s what I did. But it turned out to be a solution to the lack of walls in the house. My sofa works as a kind of wall. it is a visible divider that separates the “living room” area from the “living room” area. And money. If I’m feeling lazy after a long binge on Netflix, I can walk from my room to my bed without my feet touching the floor. I can go back and forth from bed to bed. Living the dream, right? Here, in addition to the main lazy girl goal that I get, the main object of work in the studio is to divide the space into “small houses” that can be separated by furniture that is not naturally separated. . ̈:

Galvanized metal trash cans can add a beautiful home to your warehouse. Perfect for holding indoor controls, craft tricks or even some pretty flowers.

It’s interesting. Or at least it was for me. I think many other type-A’s will understand me when I say it’s especially satisfying because it combines the sense of satisfaction you get from being organized with the delicious taste of beautiful boxes and bins. Not too serious here, but I’m having fun just thinking about it.

Studio Vs. 1 Bedroom Apartment

Not type A? Don’t you enjoy arranging things in beautiful boxes? That’s perfectly fine. Think about it in a practical way. you want your space to be more comfortable and beautiful, and an easy way to reduce clutter is to leave it out of the way. The great thing is that you can put a little creativity into it and make your storage reflect your personality and even match the vibe you want to get in your space.

Below are some cheap, great storage options I’ve put together that will make it look nice and pretty. I’m a bit confused by the selection of these storage pieces, but you can find any type of storage with good old Google.

This post contains affiliate links. I am able to receive services and purchases from the links in this post at no additional cost to my dear readers. I only link things I love.

How To Make Space In A Studio Apartment

1. Galvanized metal Walter Storage Bins @ World Market // 2. Embossed Metal St. Laurent Desk Organizer @ World Market // 3. Westview 3-Basket Over-the-door Organizer @ Pier1 // 4. Extra-Large Storage Basket @ Amazon // 5. Weathered Oak Bob File Cabinet @ Pier1 // 6. Metallic Gray Drum Sound Table @ Target // 7. Galvanized Wire Basket Detail @ Target // 8. Powell Hannah Console @ Overstock

Small Apartment Ideas: Mixing Styles + Cozy Living + More! — Moda Misfit

#4. Mirrors If you’ve ever seen an episode of any HGTV show, you’ve probably heard about using the magic of mirrors to make a space feel bigger.

There’s a reason why mirrors are such a popular space enhancer. they work If you want an easy way to open up your space, just hang a mirror. I’m also a fan of large mirrors attached to the wall if your space allows it.

When I lived in Los Angeles, my house had this Ikea mirror and it was the main thing that made my room look big and luxurious. Ikea doesn’t seem to have stopped selling this mirror, so you can buy it if you’re interested. It served me well for five years.

1. Josephine Mirror @ Anthropologie // 2. Metal Scalloped Inlay Kali Mirror @ World Market // 3. Eide 3 Piece Toll Metal Framed Mirror Set @ Wayfair // 4. Ung Drill Mirror @ Ikea // 5. Vansickle Metal Accent Wall Mirror Set @ Wayfair // 6. Ashton Mango Tree Mirror @ Urban Outfitters

Ways To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

#5. Avoid trouble

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