How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting – After a seemingly endless search, you have FINALLY found a place you can call home. Whether you rent or buy a home, finding a place that is the right size, in the right place, and feels like home has been a stressful job. It’s late and you open one of the last boxes and you notice… there’s no light at the top. Oh, how did you miss that?!

Let’s stay positive! You may not have an overhead light, but now you have the freedom to light your space however you want. This means you have control over how bright your room is, the function of your space and your overall personality!

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

Now I know I said freedom, but before you get carried away, there are a few ways to light your space so well, dare I say…it should be avoided at all costs.

Drop Ceiling Lighting Ideas

I’m all for saving money, and yes, battery powered lighting will save you a few bucks initially, but let’s be real, batteries are a pain in the ass! If you are like me, I either have the wrong type of battery or something is missing from what I need. And replacing those batteries can always work! But that’s not the only reason you should avoid battery lights. When the batteries start to run out of juice, so does the brightness of your light! Then we’re back to square one! If there is no light in your space, we need to make sure the lights we use go the extra mile.

I hope you’ve made up your mind, because damn, talk about BRIGHT! And not in a good way… Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bold statement. But I promise there are better ways! Most of the time these LED strip lights are battery operated. We already know how frustrating this option is. We would like not to forget the damage that the lights will cause to your space. These strips usually come with adhesive tapes that will ruin your walls or furniture. This means we can’t reuse or move them and they are definitely not tenant friendly.

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, let’s get down to business. First of all – take your place. How will you use your space? Do you need a cozy space for movie nights and spending time with your family? Or a workspace with enough brightness at all hours of the night? Or maybe a combination? Whatever weather you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

One of the simplest ways to light up your space is to use floor lamps. The height of a floor lamp helps to illuminate your space more and the different levels are pleasing to the eye. You will completely forget about the absence of overhead lights! And they are easy! Once you’ve chosen your lamp, simply place it where you want it! (Well… after assembly). You can move them if you change your mind or decide to change the furniture arrangement! Floor lamps come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so let your style and personality shine through!

How To Choose Bedroom Lighting

Here’s where you can fake it until you make it! Connector pendant lights are the perfect solution to no overhead lights because they look like the real thing! Pendant lamps make a bold statement by creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, especially in a living room. The plug usually comes with a super long cord so you can easily run it from your outlet up the wall and across the ceiling. Depending on your style, you can buy an additional pendant as one piece or mix and match different shades! The possibilities are endless!

There’s a reason Natasha Bedingfield sang “Let the sun shine on the words you can’t find”. The sun is your natural overhead light! Let’s use them! If your space allows, try placing the furniture away from the window rather than next to the walls. This allows natural light to fill the space.

Remember when we talked about how you control the brightness of your space? Table lamps shine here! Table lamps are the sprinkles on the cake, the way to add some ~spice~ when you need a little more light is a table lamp. A small light source, a table lamp, for a cozy atmosphere. We know sprinkles make our cookies pretty, right? Table lamps do the same! It is a functional ornament. You can easily add it to a sofa table, coffee table, desk, etc., for a little lightness and a little spice.

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

We know these edison bulbs are so fun and trendy, but when we need a little extra light, we have to turn it up or go home. Know that LED or CFL will provide the brightest light, so if we need to compensate for the lack of overhead lights, these bulbs may be the right choice for you. (LED is the best eco-friendly choice!)

Ideas For Lighting A Rental

Edison bulbs aren’t the only trend you should avoid! Click HERE for more tips on which trends aren’t worth your time!

I promise, it sounds more complicated than it is! All you have to do is plug your light into an outlet with a remote tech plug-in. In most cases, the “remote” is actually your phone! When you go to bed and realize you forgot your new table lamp in the living room, you can easily turn it off without leaving the comfort of your bed!

Remember that no ceiling lights means you now have the freedom to light your space however you want. Lighting can define your space, so use this as an opportunity to explore your style and play with lighting options you’ve never tried before. After using some of these options, you can completely forget that you don’t have super lights!

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Tips For Lighting Rooms With Low Ceilings

The way a room is lit often determines how you feel in that room and how your time passes.

Signs are one of the best sources for making sure a room is brightly lit, but if you’re in a home that doesn’t have a choice of signs, you’ll probably feel a little stressed.

The good news is that you can make a room brighter even without overhead lighting.

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

You can easily bring more light into your home simply by using small lamps, table lamps, plug-in lights, wall lights, plug-in pendant lights, LED lights and even string lights for natural light from windows and doors.

How To Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting?

These are some of the best ways to light up a room without running ceiling lights.

Here you will learn about the best alternatives to signs that will still give you enough light.

Floor lamps are usually a great feature of any room and if you need more light, you can put more than one in a room and they fill the empty corners in the room, which is definitely a big advantage for them.

Since these lamps are a common feature in most rooms, they provide a sufficient amount of light that can be very useful in lighting up a room.

Help! The Lighting In My House Is Terrible

It is also affordable and easy to use, and since this is not a bulky item, you can place it in the room as much as you need.

This means using a very light thin curtain or pushing it to the side to let in the light during the day.

Placing a mirror where it will reflect this light will be a great help in brightening the room, because mirrors are great at reflecting light into the room and also create a sense of depth.

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

Wall sconces are a great option if you want to save space and make your decor stylish at the same time.

Different Types Of Lighting

There are some wall lights that you can easily attach to the wall. Having it on a few walls will easily brighten the room to some extent.

The main advantage of such lights is that they consume less energy, which means that you will save money and be energy efficient.

Another option you can try is to have overhead lights in the room. Downlights are lights that direct the light towards the ceiling, making the room appear brighter.

You can even find these lights in different colors that can easily create a fun and entertaining atmosphere while enriching your decor.

How To Make Your Room Brighter If You Don’t Have Overhead Lighting: 5 Rental Hacks

This will also brighten up a particular part of the room, giving the decor a nice aesthetic look.

You can hang these string lights anywhere in the room you need, and while they are a relatively inexpensive option, they are a cost-effective, durable and versatile solution.

If you want a gorgeous pendant lamp in your home or apartment, you can definitely have a pendant lamp using a plug-in pendant lamp.

How To Light A Room Without Overhead Lighting

For those

Living Room Ceiling Light Ideas

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