False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room – So you’ve been eyeing a designer suspended ceiling for your home for a while, but don’t know how to go about it? We know how much our readers love suspended ceilings, and we keep getting the same questions. There are concerns about installation, pricing, service and more. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about suspended ceilings and answered them for your easy reference.

False ceilings are usually made of plaster, which is lightweight and easy to install. They are also very versatile and can be formed into many shapes.

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

We use high quality materials with standardized specifications and from top brands such as Gyproc. The following specifications are used for plasterboard:

Evens Construction Pvt Ltd: Types Of False Ceiling For Office Use

When choosing a panel for a suspended ceiling, consult a dealer or designer to ensure the best quality.

Although you can do false ceiling work in any room of the house – people also do it in kitchens and bathrooms – living rooms are the ideal space to get this designer false ceiling. Since this room is the largest, it can have the maximum aesthetic impact on the overall look of your home.

The price varies by design and material, but prices can start from ₹ 80 per square meter for standard quality designer suspended ceilings. Prices vary slightly depending on which city you are in.

If you cannot invest in a full-fledged suspended ceiling, we recommend that you choose a perimeter suspended ceiling. It goes beyond the ceiling as opposed to the entire ceiling. It is also good for rooms without high ceilings.

Pop Design For Hall: Modern, Simple Hall Pop Design Images

To get the most bang for your buck, we also need to consider fast installation and false ceiling warranties.

Different types and colors of spotlights and strip lights can be used in the design ceiling (the ceiling must have a place).

For colors, use white, warm white or yellow. You can also mix and match to create different moods. If you opt for lights, you can use both strip lights and thin LED tubes, depending on your requirements.

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

Tip: Real ceiling lights can be used in certain designs, such as a perimeter ceiling with a false ceiling on the outside.

Luxurious False Ceiling Design With Cove Lights

POP suspended ceilings are extremely durable and last for years without wear and tear. This also applies to plaster ceilings. After installation, you don’t need to worry about it. With high-quality raw materials that meet standardized specifications provided by Livpsapce, you can get a very durable floor.

There are special fire-resistant plasterboards on the market. Some dryers are designed to withstand heat, and in the event of an emergency at home, your water will release steam in the form of steam. This is definitely a good reason to invest in a designer suspended ceiling!

Yes! If you have an air conditioner that cannot lower the temperature of your room, or if you live on the top floor of a building, you should get a suspended ceiling. They are equipped with thermal insulation, which will keep your room cool.

It takes us about 3 working days to install a false ceiling of less than 100 square meters. All this while sourcing the raw materials, tools and instruments locally. On average, you can install a false ceiling in less than 10 days from anyone on the market.

Living Room With Gray Sofa, Black Table, White Cabinet And Trendy Cement Wall Stock Photo

The minimum height from the floor should be approximately 8.5 to 9 feet. For sheds and garages, it should be about 8 feet.

Yes, you can replace the suspended ceiling after a few years, but you will eventually tear down the existing ceiling and then get a new one.

In the case of minor reconstruction of suspended ceilings, it is possible to restore a part of it without damaging or damaging the suspended ceiling. You will only have to bear the nominal cost of the repairs.

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

Plaster ceilings can be cleaned just as easily as any other plaster. They do not require special maintenance. A designer’s false ceiling is always covered, and for ceilings with glossy or oily paint, a damp cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning.

False Ceiling Design With Pu Coated By Tandon Architects & Builders

It probably won’t fall off, but it can happen in the case of very low quality raw materials and poor quality assembly. But don’t worry, plasterboard ceilings are very light and won’t cause you any harm.

We hope we have cleared your common doubts about suspended ceilings. For design inspiration, you can check out: Goodbye, Goodbye, boring rugs! For all types of false ceilings, read everything you want to know about false ceilings. The functional design of the floor offers excellent features for any apartment or office space. From better acoustics to hidden cables, a false ceiling is the best way to solve many of your problems. designer Samuel Tan helps us explore different ceiling design styles and their pros and cons. But before we dive into the different options, we’ll tell you some basics that everyone should know.

A popular and functional ceiling design among homeowners is the false ceiling. Also known as a secondary or drop ceiling, this is a structure suspended from the original ceiling. A false ceiling is made with wooden or metal beams, on which a ceiling board is installed. These modern accessories are available in various colors, materials, sizes and designs.

False ceilings are great if you want to light up a room. However, in most modern interior ceiling design options, it falls into the category of pleasure rather than necessity. If you are not convinced, Samuel gives some reasons that should help you decide whether or not you should have suspended ceilings:

L Shaped Drop Down False Ceiling With Cove Lights

Adding another layer to the original ceiling creates better acoustics in the room. This makes it an excellent interior ceiling design option for living rooms, home theaters and audio-visual rooms where you regularly watch or listen to music.

If you have wires in your ceiling or walls, a false ceiling is the perfect place to hide them. The false ceiling can also be equipped with built-in or hidden lighting. This will take care of unnecessary lighting and additional equipment and wiring.

Homes with high vertical space that exceeds the furniture in the room can consider installing a false ceiling to restore the proportions. This aesthetic change changes the appearance of the house without changing the structure.

False Ceiling Designs For L Shaped Living Room

Another benefit for homes in colder regions of the country is room insulation. The additional layer creates a gap between the ceiling structure and the original layer that traps air and cools the room. It also optimizes the performance of air conditioners. This is because it reduces square footage for cool looks and lowers energy bills.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A False Ceiling Done

Regardless of the common materials used, installing a false ceiling is far from a DIY project. This requires precision in design, calculation and installation, which only professionals can do. Depending on the shape, details and design preferences of your floor, you may also need additional support and cable advice.

It should be at least 8 inches from the original wall, and experts recommend a ceiling height of 11 feet or higher. This can be a disadvantage for compact homes, as too many details in the ceiling design can make the space cramped. There is one way to do this; however, small house owners can choose a partial ceiling in the corner of the room. They also extend a wall or TV console to the ceiling for extra dimension if needed.

L-box ceiling design is one of the most popular design options due to its minimalist design. The roof is placed on the perimeter of the actual roof and keeps the same height.

If you’re looking at ceiling designs, you’ll be familiar with recessed lighting because it’s common, and for good reason. This is the perfect lighting for a modern home with a false ceiling. In addition, they are cost-effective and work well as both ambient and task lamps.

Spacious False Ceiling Design In A Rectangular Shape

Another popular and stylish option is the false ceiling design with false lighting. Installed with LED lamps, this lighting option casts light on the ceiling or walls, giving the room a vaulted or vaulted feel. They are versatile and can be made in many patterns and colors. In addition, they can be used to illuminate the wall or ceiling design in the house.

You can also combine the above lighting options. This way, you can maximize the amount of ceiling lighting in the room without taking up extra space from the ceiling design. Layers save money

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