Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

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Looking for budget-friendly inspiration for your patio makeover? Here’s how I turned our sad patio from drab to beautiful for just $160.

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

We have lived in our house for almost 10 years and have done nothing to the old patio in our backyard.

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Finally, we got something we wanted for Christmas – an inflatable hot tub for the backyard – and it was time to renovate the patio next to it.

If you’re looking for inexpensive patio makeover ideas, you’ll love this post on how I gave this place a complete makeover for $160!

In this post, I’ll walk you through each step to inspire your own off-budget living room.

Well, we are working on it. This is a neglected part of the yard, some of the concrete is overgrown with weeds and a little damaged. The front of the pad is 6 feet by 8 feet.

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This obviously supports our not-so-pretty heat pump unit. And our house, which is in dire need of power washing! yes…

My first thought was to block the unsightly view of our heat pump, but I’m not sure the best way to do that.

Finally, we wanted something to hang our towels near the hot tub. We threw it on a plastic chair, but that wasn’t a good long-term solution.

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

Here are the chairs we use. They are about 5 years old but still in good condition.

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First I tried to find a way to block the view of the heat pump. The ground cannot support the fence posts because there are electrical wires underground and old cement remains.

So I have to stand free to block the view. After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I came up with the idea of ​​attaching a fence panel to the back of a bench type thing.

My husband and I decided that a full bench seat would be easier than a sitter/bench combo.

I got 6 2 x 4 x 8 foot treated lumber for the seat and 6 x 6 x 8 foot posts from Home Depot.

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We decided that 6 x 6 was redundant and 4 x 4 was easier to use! This is what I recommend if you try this project.

We built this basic 8-foot bench in place on the patio. The main thing is to level all the backs so we can install the fence panels.

Here is my attempt at a beginner bench plan. Sorry if it’s hard to use – I haven’t made the design yet!

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

I considered a bunch of different materials for the screen side, but we ended up using this pressure treated fence panel from Home Depot.

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It fits the bill perfectly and only costs about $40. We order online and pick it up in store.

Then we turn the fence panel behind the bench. This means we don’t have to dig into the ground and the panel is free standing.

Another advantage is that we can put it at one point if necessary! I am very happy with the bench seat and the screen.

Buying either bench starts around $200, so you need to build one.

Diy Concrete Patio Ideas

I thought about trying to repair the concrete but decided it would cost too much and be too difficult for me.

So the alternative is to close it. I first tried an outdoor rug from Target, but it was too thin and ugly.

It is made of colorful woven plastic and is very durable. It looks like it’s made out of recycled bags!

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

And I bought it for only $16.79. It was on sale and I got a 20% off coupon if I signed up for the email.

Amazing Backyard Ideas On A Budget

This is definitely the cheapest solution to cover ugly concrete. It turned out to be very easy to wipe and keep clean.

When we use the hot tub, we throw our towels on the chair, but I wanted a better way to get our towels.

I saw a few posts about free standing planters and buckets on Pinterest and thought this might be a good option.

I bought two bags of concrete and used some old flower pots for the base. After pouring the concrete, I applied approx. with a centimeter of gravel, which we already had to polish a little.

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The posts are 4 x 4 x 8 foot treated wood. I think they are the perfect size for her. I screwed a towel hook left over from a bathroom job onto it.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the post. The only thing I would do differently is use a flat bottom pan. Mine (because they are old and used a lot) have a slanted bottom. This makes it difficult for them to sit securely on the ground and they are quite wobbly.

I could have left the chair in red, but for less than $8 and about an hour, I could get a beautiful blue chair that matched the patio rug perfectly.

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

I used two cans of this Rust-Oleum Satin Seaside spray paint and it was enough to cover two chairs.

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We realized we needed something to walk to the hot tub to keep our feet clean. So I bought six steps from Home Depot for $1.58 each and put them up temporarily.

At some point I might put some edging and gravel around it, but for now it works as is. The grass around them needs to be cut in the meantime!

I’m obsessed with string lights and searched high and low for a set that was affordable and could be used throughout our small patio.

These two sets completely surround the 6 foot by 8 foot terrace. I attached it with a heavy duty toad gun and ran an extension cord behind the fence panel to attach it.

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I was also able to sell it for only $15.63 for BOTH sets of lights! I got it on sale, but even at the regular shelf price of $12, it’s cheaper than other similar lights.

I hung them carefully because I read in the reviews that they are quite fragile. But I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a single broken or damaged bulb – even after several storms here!

I really like how the budget patio renovation turned out. I have been spending time there every day lately.

Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

I wanted to stay under $200 for this project, so I’m happy to report that it came in under budget.

Easy Diy Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget » Lovely Indeed

I’m glad I decided to do it myself instead of having someone pour me a new concrete slab for example. That alone would be close to the full conversion price!

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Great job!!! You’ve done a great job and it looks so beautiful, so fun and interesting! He talked about the post pot being a bit shaky and if he did it again he would get a new pot. I say get a fun summer bright pot and put this pot in! Maybe drill a drain hole if you don’t want a drain after it rains.

Great job on the imagination. The only thing I would do differently to spice it up is put a 4×4 post in a homemade wooden planter box pot and put flowers on top of it.

Cottage Patio Ideas: 20 Pretty Spaces For Relaxing Outdoors |

Good! Looks good! I think the only thing I can think of differently is using 2 x 4 in the tiles instead of 4 x 4 posts. These things weigh a ton and are easier to tip over because they are off the ground. Since there is no weight on the pole other than the occasional lamp and towel, 2 x 4s are probably fine. But that’s just a thought and he did a great job on a small budget. Does the paint stick to the plastic seat? I have never used spray paint on plastic and was just wondering if it would hold up. I’m thinking of painting some large plastic outdoor flower pots.

Hi Donna! I agree – 2×4 would be great in a pot. I’m amazed how

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