Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

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Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

Dreaming of a dream? Some envision a backyard with a pool and hot tub, while others dream of a rustic loft with quirky details and a kitchen in the living room.

Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

The fireplace is not only an enviable sight but also a modern luxury. It is also one of the most useful interior designs for any home. Imagine yourself curled up on the couch with a good book in hand and a fire roaring nearby. That is the ultimate dream.

So maybe you already have a fireplace in your living room and are looking for decorating ideas? Maybe you’re still dreaming about your home’s future, scroll through to see 23 guest rooms, complete with kitchens.

In the center of Pacific Palisades’ living room is a large fireplace; Surrounded by potted plants under a round mirror. Panels made with textures such as beams and window frames on ceilings and window frames; The space is fresh and thanks to a lot of thought, with green furniture and natural wood accents. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing with a steaming cup of tea at the end of a busy day.

Don’t underestimate the power of medicine. Thanks to the color from top to bottom, this dark green hole gives us light and an overall feeling. And I’d venture to guess that the large brick fireplace looks half as amazing before the renovation. The 20th century modern style makes this space look great – all with a subtle throw.

Straight From The Hearth: Beautiful Fireplace Surround Ideas

Make sure you invest in the right type of paint that can withstand the intense heat generated by the oven, both inside and outside the oven.

This modern black and white room perfectly oozes effortless luxury. But what really turned our heads was the asymmetrical fireplace and adjacent paneling, which was just perfect. On one side, floating shelves extend to the opposite wall, balancing a raised hearth. The lesson? Don’t be afraid to take risks like playing with asymmetry and balance.

If you don’t have room for a traditional fireplace with all the bells and whistles, don’t worry. An open fireplace can be cozy and more modern to boot. I love how the dark wood kitchen contrasts with the crisp white walls and colorful Portland, OR artwork. Maine, brings a mid-modern feel to the living room.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

That is good). This living room proves it, where traditional elements such as intricate design and vintage furniture are combined in a more or less balanced and beautiful way. It also shows that ovens should not be too big.

Rustic Living Room Ideas

Swanky is the word that comes to mind when you first look at this ultra-modern space. From stone rugs to plush armchairs, this room is all about style. Otherwise, a sleek black fireplace with clear glass almost juts out from the wall, adding plenty of drama.

There’s nothing like a dress shirt. It’s the perfect place for your favorite bouquets and can change with the seasons (think everlasting wreaths). Note the iconic French living room, which combines glass with traditional architecture, with wooden arms and a sculpted glass mantle on the building.

This large picture fireplace is a testament to the fact that fireplaces are not one size fits all. The proportions of this fireplace can easily overwhelm the room, but the white color keeps it in check. Look closely and you’ll find modern, marble replaces the wood here, and extra books, put a built-in log hook in the opening for a pile of blankets or the perfect pet hole.

This living room is a great example of an updated traditional contemporary space. There is neutral, traditional leather and wood furniture to frame the room. Features a textured carpet. Centered on the far wall is a white fireplace between floor-to-ceiling navy-hued windows. Above the building, the wall is framed by a gallery wall. It’s an incredibly well-designed site that leaves no stone unturned.

Stunning Ideas For Built Ins Around A Fireplace

This modern Florida living room has a beautiful fireplace. Unlike traditional stoves, the modern design unit has a gray wall and a floor-to-ceiling installation that includes a large TV. It’s a light and comfortable space with smart, modern lines.

For a totally modern and striking look; Check out this fireplace surrounded by inky black that stretches from floor to ceiling. We love the strong contrast with the whites and creams throughout the rest of the room. Narrow hole in the bottom Has a stump to work with color and touch body.

This Nantucket home is full of beautiful, traditional decor in a beautiful farmhouse style. The fireplace is the star of this living room – the kitchen’s beautiful herringbone design immediately catches the eye. A round mirror is placed above the house on the adjacent wall with two small chimneys. All accessories are bound in light blue, which contrasts well with the red-orange covered coffee table.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

This luxury cottage-style living room is as comfortable as it is elegant. Dark wooden ceiling beams contrast the clean white walls and serve to shape the living space. Each coffee table and accent chair has its own design qualities, but it’s the fireplace that really draws the eye. It has a complex design that allows you to play and experience unique combinations.

Warm Your Home With Fireplace Decor

The perfect living room in this style combines the best elements of rustic and contemporary design, including a fireplace with modern tiles and painted wood panels. For another touch of innovation, instead of waiting for the wood to light the fire. Unlike any other, this furnace is filled with concrete surfaces.

To be used instead of an ornamental tree; You should have a gas stove. Always check with the manufacturer before making any changes to your oven.

You can pair living room kitchens with wood or marble countertops, but don’t rule out a beautiful tile fireplace until you’ve tried it. This tranquil space proves how powerful and engaging design material can be. The rest of the room is decorated in natural tones and muted colors, keeping the large fireplace front and center.

When you have a fireplace that is more important than anything else, it is not always easy to do it yourself. We love this unique idea of ​​using it as an additional bookcase located in the designer’s historic home in Virginia. Get your favorite pairs, pick a few to display first; I’m done. Make sure your oven is completely stationary.

Living Room With Fireplace Layout Ideas

Another idea for non-functional or artificial fireplaces is to arrange candles, as in this new living room. Warm light recreates the ambiance of light without heat. Candles are placed at different heights and heights inside; Set the shortest distance. Here, the decorative Kutu makes a great base and looks even cooler with the wax sprigs.

A bold design calls for an equally bold hearth treatment. Cover the fireplace with a light color to add personality, like in this eclectic living room. A stunning brown fireplace pops from the walls and is a cool, cozy addition to what this cozy space needs.

Because of such a view, the kitchen in the living room is not even the focal point of this beautiful space. a coffee table, a pair of leather chairs with wooden frames; The room is bordered by many wooden elements, including a tower of logs stored in the ceiling and on the wall next to the fireplace. Above the simple fireplace are two graphic prints to complete the dynamic living room.

Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms With Fireplaces

There’s something cozy about interiors like this rustic Connecticut apartment. Are we the only ones? Or does this natural stone fireplace invite you to cuddle up with a blanket? It’s a rough touch to balance out all the spaces around the room. Earth elements like these are a surefire way to bring good luck.

Living Room Fireplace Ideas

If you want to make a loud statement, turn up the volume with modern graphic elements. Let this living room be all the inspiration you need with bold floral wallpaper and a geometric tile fireplace. We can only imagine how beautiful the marbles will be.

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