Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget – This post will focus on affordable living room decor and everything you want to know about us – paint colors, floor details, etc.

If you’re new here, Ethan and my husband completed the home building process and we moved in at the end of February 2020. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

I will be sharing a series of posts detailing all areas of the home, from paint colors to furniture, kitchen and closet organization tips, and more.

Home Decor Ideas On A Budget: Adorn With Less

If you want to go back to my original post about the manufacturing process, click here. Ethan and I chose all of our finishes together, and the builder could only choose from the available options (which was really helpful in narrowing things down).

We chose finishes that we liked best and that fit our budget, and we were inspired by some of the special homes that our builder, Inspired Homes, has already built in other communities.

Many people who are in the process of buying a house have asked me how we could set up our house quickly because they feel overwhelmed.

We had a lot of furniture from our previous house that was hidden in our storage room when we lived with my parents for the last 10 months. The only new furniture we got was a living room unit, coffee table, rug and bar stools for the island.

Budget Living Room Ideas: 25 Ways To Update Without Splashing The Cash

After a few weeks in the house, we decided to buy an accent chair for the living room. We debated between this and the kitchen table, but ultimately decided that a chair for two was something we would use more often. It was cheaper than buying a table + 4-6 dining chairs. 🙂

This couch was from Home Goods. I found a similar super online here: click here to buy it. Similar pillow: Click here.

Our current dining table and chairs are good enough for now, we bought them from the Facebook Swap & Shop a few years ago for about $80.

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

I recommend buying only the essentials first and taking the time to figure out what else you need and what you really need

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Remember that there is no set time frame and your home furnishing/decoration is a process. It doesn’t have to be “perfect” right away! Most of the time it’s just your family, so don’t pressure yourself to impress others on social media. ; )

Wait for the holiday sales to buy larger items (we did this for our fridge). Places like Nebraska Furniture Mart always have great deals.

Sell ​​old furniture and/or decor that you no longer need or have room for, and set up a “fund” for anything you need.

Ethan and I sold our old sideboard, large mirror, lamps and various other things and used the proceeds from the sale to buy a new armchair, so we didn’t feel bad spending the money! We even kept our money in a mason jar so we wouldn’t touch it until we needed it. 🙂

Apartment Living Room Design Ideas And Examples

You can repurpose some things you already own, or visit an antique store or refurbish wooden tables to make them look like new! (I’ll go into more detail about some of the DIY projects on my to-do list in future posts.)

Choosing neutral furniture is key to creating a harmonious space and you can easily add accessories such as blankets, pillows or decorations. In this way, you do not commit to a bulky piece of furniture that may go out of style or you will not like it after a while.

Choosing a segment was by far the most difficult decision we made when it came to furniture. It is a big commitment, basically the focal point of the living room, so we wanted to make sure that we liked to look at it.

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

We wanted to make sure that the size would be right, the fabric would be functional for dogs and children in the future, and most importantly, it would be comfortable!

How To Decorate A Living Room On A Budget: 25 Tips

The brand is Craftmaster and we first found it at Shiels in the home section, but ended up buying ours at Nebraska Furniture Mart because it was hundreds of dollars cheaper there.

This is a made-to-order sofa, so choose your desired dimensions, shape (left, right, chaise longue/no chaise longue), material etc. They say 6-8 weeks for custom sofas, and NFM is actually ours. For a few months until we are ready to take it. (The delivery of our refrigerator from NFM was not free, so we used Ethan’s truck to pick it up.)

We opted for a dark gray “Revolution Performance Fabric”, which makes it super durable, scratch and water resistant. We believe that this color hides dirt and stains well. It came with these big, beautiful pillows! We have chosen a model.

Another important thing for us is to make sure the back cushions are #dog friendly. You can wear them or not.

Livelovediy: 10 Budget Decorating Tips

I think you can choose a square or rectangular corner, but we opted for a rectangular coffee table. We searched high and low for a table we liked but was affordable. Furniture can be very expensive!

We found this upholstered coffee table at Wayfair and fell in love! I wanted to buy one with a soft top as a child safe option at some point and I think it is very comfortable in our space. It has drawers at both ends that double as trays on top, perfect for drinks! So functional and beautiful. On the lower shelf you can store books, toys, games, etc.

Disclosure: Wayfair gave me a $250 gift card to purchase any item on their website for our new home, so it’s a #gift. I am not paid to write this post.

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

Gray is a very popular wall color these days, but there are thousands of shades of gray to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Also, many grays have a blue tint, so it’s hard to find if you want to avoid it.

Viv & Tim

Lucky for you, I have you covered. ; ) I may be biased, but I think gray is the best color for the walls in the whole house.

We have Sherwin Williams Repose Gray everywhere and I love it. It is a beautiful light gray with no blue undertones. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever repaint the walls because it’s a great neutral color that goes with everything well.

For several different reasons, we chose to use luxury vinyl planks for our floors instead of real or faux hardwood.

Not sure where our floor came from (our builder supplied it) but the color is called Bristol Oak. I think it’s true!

The Top 47 Living Room Ideas On A Budget

We love the color and look of it, but the dog’s fur and footprints definitely stand out. We have to sweep and throw a lot, but honestly, with two dogs it is necessary anyway, and for us it is not the end of the world. 🙂 However, this cordless Dyson is an absolute must and a lifesaver.

Here is a link to the rug in our living room. It is 8×10 which I think is the perfect size for our space. I was a bit worried because it is mostly white but we haven’t had any problems so far! It is white and the pattern helps hide any dirt.

Click here to see the rug – only $164 for an 8×10, so it’s very affordable. It also comes in other colors. I have several other options linked in the “Home” section of my Amazon partner site and in other home decor blog posts.

Decorate Your Living Room On A Budget

Large floor vase: Click here. To stick to climb on. Click here or visit Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or your home.

Beginners Guide To Interior Design And Decorating On A Budget

Our house has lots of large windows, so we knew we had to install blinds right away for privacy.

We bought all our blinds at Home Depot and opted for 2 inch faux wood blinds which are very affordable and very easy to install (Ethan made them himself very quickly) and I think they look amazing.

For safety reasons, they don’t even have strings – you can just wind them with your hands like an accordion.

Click here to view our 2 inch faux wood blinds. You can check that they are the right size, and if not, they can be cut in the store to fit your windows.

Ways To Elegantly Decorate Your Home In Budget

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