Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

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Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Unless you’re moving into a renovated penthouse, apartment rentals often present unique challenges, and lighting is no exception. But you don’t have to sacrifice your life for a nice house. If your space lacks natural light, interior designers come up with many ideas to update your home and let it in. The right lighting can set the mood, save valuable space, and improve functionality in busy rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

How To Light A Room

We asked decorator Kevin Dumais for his tips, tricks, and secrets for lighting an apartment. Whether you love minimalist lighting or lean in the maximalist direction, we’ve got you covered. Find out what kind of lighting works best for your space (no matter how small).

Kevin Dumais is the designer and founder of Dumais, based in New York. He is a brilliant expert in lighting with a range of beautiful lamps created in collaboration with lighting designer Charlie Dumais.

If you think your home’s lighting could do with an upgrade or two, find some smart apartment lighting ideas and brighten up your space.

Many ways to design this space. However, we have noticed that one thing that most apartment rooms have in common is the difficulty of having low ceilings. Fortunately, you can trick the eye and elevate your ceiling by installing an attractive vaulted ceiling.

Low Ceiling Entryway Lighting Ideas For Inspired Illumination

“When considering a large firework or lantern, we want to make sure it’s well-lit and free of glare,” Dumais said. That way, it can be bright when it’s on and practical art when it’s not (we always love a good repeat). Black lighting in this living room helps draw the eye, add visual interest, and provide multi-dimensional lighting to the room.

If you’re working with a simple ceiling light in the kitchen, add additional or fixed wall lighting to enhance the room’s form and function. It will not only make your space luxurious and elegant, but also create a comfortable atmosphere and make cooking more enjoyable.

We like this elegant bedroom lamp not only because of its great design, but also because of its functional design. With three different bulbs, it’s easy to switch on the settings you need at different times of the day. Open all three when you’re ready in the morning, and choose a small bedside lamp to hide away with a book at night. The wall-mounted design saves valuable surface space in small rooms.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

“Central lighting illuminates surfaces, art, and important objects,” says Dumais. “It’s a more playful and visually stronger layer of light that animates the character of the space.” We love how the modern pendant is the focal point of this living room, complementing the gold tones of the furniture and brightening the entire space.

Best Lighting Ideas For A Low Sloped Ceiling

Most modern apartments have ceiling lights only in the bathroom, which is not ideal for getting ready in the morning – especially if there is little natural light in the room. Add a fun light fixture to the side of the mirror to brighten up your bathroom. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, try a low pendant hanging at standard chandelier height.

Add a dynamic feel to your living room with multiple light sources distributed in triangles at different heights around the room. Use different types to create a great atmosphere. “It’s important to have several layers of light anywhere: ambient, central and accent. Bright pendants, large floor lamps or table lamps will brighten the envelope of the room and make it more inviting,” suggests Dumais.

Don’t forget to put your lights on dimmers. During the day, your new fixture may light up your space, but in the evening, it’s nice to create a warm, soothing glow at the touch of a button. Soft lighting in this living room lights the candles we want to burn and last forever.

Picture lights are traditionally used to highlight a table or bookshelf, but can also be used as a reading lamp when hung directly over a banquette or chair. Best of all, picture lights instantly elevate your space and make it look more expensive, which we consider a win-win. If you want an atmospheric atmosphere, a soft glow of light is fine.

Different Types Of Lighting

Replace your bedside lamp with a sconce to save valuable bedside table space. “If you have limited space, a sconce or pendant is a good alternative to a regular bedside lamp,” advises Dumais. “You can get the amount of light and quality you need without sacrificing valuable real estate.”

If you have room, hang curtains outside the bed frame. They can also be hung directly above the bed in tighter spaces.

If you’re short on space, hide a small lamp in a bookcase. “Small pendants can be placed inside a bookshelf or cabinet to add interest and charm,” says Dumais. It will add dimension to your lighting scheme without increasing the surface of your trust or side table. Opt for a slightly sculptural and interesting lamp to make it look like a work of art on the counter.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

There’s something very Parisian about a pendant lamp, whether it’s a table lamp or a pendant lamp. Despite the style, they are very romantic and functional, emitting diffused light. “Globe pendants are an excellent source of ambient lighting,” adds Dumais. “In the kitchen, we always pay attention to the presence of a light source that shines on the ceiling, which indirectly illuminates the room.”

Living Room Ceiling Ideas To Transform Your Home

Indirect lighting makes the kitchen more comfortable than bright light, which sometimes feels like bright light. No one needs extra stress when it comes to tearing and shaking. Replace fluorescent bulbs or pendant lights with a soft, powerful glow.

“A sculptural tabletop is a great way to add color to a room,” says Dumais. “On a larger scale, they can serve as the main source of light, while also helping to ground the space and add a focal point.” In our opinion, the bigger the lamp, the better – the lighting itself can create a great style.

Whether you’re working with a large entryway or a small apartment living room, large pendant lights are a great way to play with scale. Choose bold colors and shades with metallic hardware or choose a neutral color that blends in with the ceiling. We love how this textured light adds texture to a minimalist room without ruining the neutral color scheme.

When designing multiple lights of the same style in a space, work with odd numbers: This technique can help add an element of balance and balance to your space with minimal effort. We love how these matching white pendant lights accent the open dining area in this living room.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas. — Alice In Scandiland

For a sleek, minimalist look, choose tiles in the same color as your ceiling and walls, mix designs and focus on texture.

Choose lighting that matches the color of the walls to create soft lighting in your room without distracting from the overall design. This black table lamp blends easily into the rest of the space, while its curved shape only adds texture. Bright shades of white create contrast and blend with lighter accents on beds and wall art.

Update a simple chandelier by replacing the shade with a combination of vintage lamps. The mismatched style of this dining area gives the room an elegant feel, but the use of colors like glass and hardware gives the dining area a purposeful and eclectic feel. We love how the light neutrals complement the artwork and the warm, rich colors of the walls.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Bathrooms are small and take up minimal wall space, making them a great place to experiment with wall styles. But wallpaper alone isn’t enough to complete a design, and the right lighting can make your colors pop. Opt for warm, metallic accents like gold lights, mirror frames, and towel racks to complement the cool blues on the walls.

Tips For Lighting Rooms With Low Ceilings

While the dining room may traditionally be the place to place large chandeliers, we love this design choice of hanging pendant lamps over the table. An added advantage of this type of light is that it can be rotated back and forth as needed, allowing you to adjust the light source to your desired mood. Instead of distracting from the beautifully designed table with candles and fresh flowers, the lighting adds just enough sparkle and minimalist black style.

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