How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla

How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla – Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle market: the two best-selling electric vehicles in the US (the Model 3) and the Model Y account for 70 percent of all sales, according to Kelly Blue Book. When traveling with a Tesla, it’s important to look for Tesla charging stations to help you travel long distances. You’ll also need to plan for charger stops on your road trip.

Tesla currently has one of the largest charging networks, with 5 percent of total charging coming from commercial chargers. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of chargers, where they are, how to find them, how long they take to charge, and how much they cost.

How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla

How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla

Tesla says that additional charging costs are calculated per kWh in most places, while in some places they are priced based on charging time. Also, in some areas, prices can vary depending on the time of day (just like electricity rates from some utilities, you may be charged less at night or during other business hours). Tesla does not list prices for Superchargers on its website, but does list price tiers, with prices ranging from Tier 1, the lowest, to Tier 4:

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A recent supercharge session on a Tier 4 supercharger (charged to 276 mph) showed values ​​as follows:

So, at 9:30 p.m. m., a 13 kWh charge (about 60 percent of the charge of an empty Tesla Model 3) costs $3.12. However, just 30 minutes ago the cost doubled to $6.24. However, charging a Tesla with a supercharger is cheaper than a comparable gas-powered vehicle!

Commonly designated chargers are free for customers of on-site businesses (for example, if you stay overnight at a hotel or dine at an on-site restaurant). However, depending on the hotel and location, there may be a standard overnight parking or state parking fee, which is generally the same as what you pay to park your car at the hotel.

Tesla superchargers are often easily accessible from major highways and highways, making them convenient for road trips. With this fast charger, there will often be a variety of options for getting food or coffee, shopping, or sightseeing, but availability and options vary depending on the location of the Supercharger. Tesla has done a great job building its charging infrastructure, with more than 30,000 Supercharger stations around the world, but it’s no surprise that the most remote areas have the least capacity.

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Superchargers are aptly named: They charge the Tesla to a top speed of 250 kilowatt-hours (kW). So what does this mean when it comes to the time it takes to power Tesla? Battery life will vary depending on the Tesla model you drive, the specific power output of the supercharger location, and how many people are charging. You’ll need to factor in charging time on road trips, so here’s a general guide for an average trip that will add an extra 15 minutes of charging:

When you overcharge, the less charge your battery has, the faster it will charge. Alternatively, the closer Tesla’s battery is to full charge, the faster it will charge.

Tip: You can increase charging speed by reserving the battery for SuperCharge; if you place Supercharger as a waypoint in your Tesla navigation, Tesla will do so automatically. This means that 10-20 minutes before SuperCharging, the battery warms up to the optimum temperature for the most efficient DC charging.

How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla

Tesla destination chargers are ideal for overnight stops, as they are often found in hotels, restaurants, and parking lots. They’re not as fast as superchargers, and there aren’t many of them (about 4,500 can be found throughout North America), but they’re useful when you’re going on a road trip for a few days or want to keep busy. Tesla charges for weekend trips.

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Tesla says that charging at the destination can add up to 44 kilometers per hour of range, while supercharging can vary by model. We recommend using the destination charge for charging/overnight parking, or if you just want to pay a single charge.

Tip: If you rely on the destination charger for overnight charging and expect your Tesla to be low upon arrival, you can call your hotel to confirm that the destination charger is working and available. blocked. A problem that Tesla and other electric car owners sometimes face is called “ICE-ing,” which prevents an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle from stopping and charging at an EV charging station.

Unlike other electric vehicles that use the J1772 charger, all Tesla’s (Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y) have the same Tesla charging port. You can charge your Tesla on the go with universal electric vehicle chargers; you will only need an adapter. This is not something you need to purchase separately, as SAE J1772 adapters are included as a standard accessory with any Tesla purchase. In addition to charging with Tesla chargers and standard EV chargers, some chargers use CHAdeMO (another fast charging method). CHAdeMO, which charges your Tesla, will require just over $500 worth of adapters.

While Tesla charging stations are available throughout the United States, exact availability varies by state. It’s easy to find Tesla chargers and schedule Tesla charges on the go, since your car and the app provide details of Superchargers near you, and your car shows you chargers along the way if you need a charge to get to your destination .

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When you get in your car, you can easily spot Superchargers, which include signs indicating general and affordable stores, charging prices, and convenient services like food, coffee, and convenience stores.

Also, if you enter your destination into Tesla’s car navigation, it will show you the charging points needed to reach your destination, the approximate percentage of charge when you reach each charger, and the estimated charge. take your time to make the next stop. It is important to note that assumptions made in Tesla’s navigation are subject to change, including your speed and rate of acceleration, traffic, and changes in elevation.

The Tesla app shows nearby chargers, their distance, and charging stations. The Tesla app also allows you to track your car’s charge if you charge Tesla for groceries or groceries. So you can see how much your Tesla battery is charging and how much time it has left to charge. You can also set the percentage you want to charge the battery if you don’t need a full charge.

How Many Kwh To Fully Charge A Tesla

Tesla’s online trip planner allows you to plan a route, including stops along the way if necessary. It is really helpful to estimate the travel time along with the freight time required for your trip to Tripoli. You can choose your specific Tesla model for the most accurate pricing and cost savings compared to driving a gas-powered vehicle on the same trip.

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You can find destination charging locations on the Tesla website. When you select a location, it will show you where it can be found (hotel, parking, etc.), as well as any additional information you need, such as the number of chargers available, the charging speed, and any details about the cost. or availability. Hotels typically require you to stay overnight to access your designated charger, and you may need to contact a valet or valet attendant to access the charger.

As mentioned above, Teslas can use the J1772 adapter to charge with other EV chargers. If the hotel has a designated non-Tesla Level 2 charger, this is often a useful way to charge for an overnight or weekend getaway. To find them, use an app like Plugshare via the App Store and Google Play to search over 140,000,000 charging stations in the US and Canada, 2,000,000,000 station reviews, and 375,000,000 charging station photos. burden. . Plugshare also has an online list of EV charger locations, so you can plan ahead.

Install a Tesla home charger for a fast and affordable overnight charge. You can buy a Tesla wall charger for your home for around $400, but you’ll add the installation costs of an electrician. Bonus: You can also get tax credits on EV charger installation costs.

In its Q3 2021 earnings call, Tesla announced plans to triple the size of its network over the next two years, so it continues to plan for more Supercharger locations to accommodate the growing number of Teslas on the road.

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Tesla also announced that it is testing the program in several European countries in November 2021.

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