Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

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This Atlantis Bahamas review offers many tips you need to know before you go, as well as the best things to do there. this is

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

I visited Atlantis Bahamas for a long weekend with friends for a wedding. Although I was there for a short time, I knew a lot, and I got a lot of opinions from my friends who lived in different towers, worked other jobs and ate at other restaurants. Also, I did some research before I left to make our stay worthwhile.

The Resorts At Atlantis Paradise Island In The Bahamas, Explained

Therefore, Atlantis Bahamas reviews include everything from accommodations to restaurants, things to do on and off the resort, tips, and things to do.

Atlantis in the Bahamas is known for its large on-site water park, aquarium, ocean show, live entertainment, and casino. With a beachfront location and many options for accommodation, restaurants, shopping, and activities for all ages, as well as close proximity to the historic center, this is a great vacation spot.

Below is a map of the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. They also give you a hard copy of this map upon check-in.

Now that you’re reading the Atlantis Bahamas review, I won’t worry too much about learning the map. It’s very easy to get around and get a break once you get there.

The Reef At Atlantis

As a general guide to help you decide where to stay and plan what to do, the top left corner of the map shows the meeting point. Above and to his right is Koral, the best family of the hotel.

On the left side of the map is Harborside Resort, which offers villas with multiple rooms and full kitchens for large groups. However, as you can see on the map, it is very far from the main resort.

In the center of the map are two towers adjacent to the Royal Palace, where you will find the main lobby and many facilities such as the casino, playground and water, and pools, water, dining options and beaches.

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

Above and south of Royal is Dolphin Cay where you can feed the dolphins and swim with them!

Things To Do At Atlantis Bahamas

Finally, on the right side of the map is Cove and Reef, the resort’s most beautiful, private “adults only” pool.

One thing you’ll want to know about all of these options is that resort fees, and other fees, will be added after you select your room type. You’ll know all these fees before you sign up, but it’s good to know in advance, so you can plan accordingly to prepare for the final payment. (See current rates.)

Before I talk about the types of rooms you can book, I would like to mention that the hotel grounds are well maintained and comfortable and stylish.

I would like to mention that we found the service to be very average overall, but the staff were pleasant and welcoming.

The Royal Rooms & Suites

We stayed at the Royal, the two picture towers (with a bridge that houses the great room where Michael Jackson stayed) that you are very familiar with from commercials.

We booked a standard room through the wedding block we went to. Our room has a king-size bed with a beautiful view of the main beach, and features such as a chair and table, a coffee maker with coffee and tea, a large wardrobe with many cords, an iron board and an iron, Many. clothes. space, and a large bathroom with a bath, shower, and separate toilet. It’s so easy for me and my husband to get ready at the same time, helping each time we’re on the go.

The good things about the Royal are that it is reasonably priced and very close to most of the hotel activities. I also appreciated the size of the bathroom. And since we had so much to do on this trip, it was nice to have a stop.

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

The downside of the King is that some of the rooms are old and outdated, and not up to the modern standards of a good hotel (I understand they have been renovated recently). My husband noticed that the water was poor and that the common areas were not well maintained in the hallways and elevators. Also, even though we have a tree, our door won’t open.

The Cove At Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Overall, I found it to be very good value for the price we paid, and very good at doing a lot at the hotel without traveling too far.

The Cove is a luxury hotel at the Atlantis Resort, and it’s amazing. Even if you are just there, if you go there, we went to a wedding, so we had to stay there.

If we return to Atlantis, we hope to stay at the Cove for sure. Pools and beaches are unique and state-of-the-art, with beach views, bars, outdoor games, easy-access pools and more. It feels like a place of relaxation and peace.

The rooms are spacious rooms with a spacious floor plan and a seating area with a sofa bed, and they have an outdoor balcony overlooking the beach.

Vacationing At The Atlantis // The Bahamas

Families with children can stay at the Cove, but you must be over 18 to use their private swimming pool.

Coral Towers is marketed to families, as it is home to a family-friendly pool, Crush Youth Nightclub, and Sun and Ice Cream Shop.

Reef is a tower with rooms and chambers. Our friends stayed there and they said they have a kitchen (but you can have a full kitchen) and the room was nice. Guests can access the pool and the beach.

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

Harborside Resort is an oceanfront property located outside the Atlantis Resort. It has villas for large groups, with extra rooms, and you can find laundry and full kitchen.

Visiting Atlantis Paradise Island In The Bahamas As A Family

Important to note at the outset, all food and drinks at Atlantis are very expensive, with a 15% charge and 12% VAT added.

Not everything is included; However, you can buy a meal plan, you can eat in some restaurants.

There are 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges, offering everything from poolside grab-and-go to fine dining.

Reservations are recommended, but we almost always eat without a reservation, even on a Saturday night at a popular and busy restaurant.

Atlantis Bucket List (the Essential Things To Do At Atlantis Bahamas)

For breakfast, we ate at Starbucks (a little online), Plateau’s (a cafe near Royal’s office where you can eat or buy things like breakfast and pastries, and Poseidon’s Table (which also has a full breakfast near Royal’s hall. )

I enjoyed all three places when we had breakfast, but I will remember the buffet at Poseidon’s Table as the best – one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had! It was expensive ($45 per person I believe), but it included everything I could think of (including my husband’s steak!), and it was fresh and delicious. Many of my friends ate there during our long weekend and everyone had a great time.

For lunch, we ate at Shark Bites by the pools outside Royale, which is expensive ($20 for a veggie burger), but has good casual options like wraps and burgers. While Shark Bites has tables and chairs outside, as well as full service and a bar, there are tons of casual dining options at Aquaventure (the water park) or Takeout. (and better). .

Best Place To Stay At The Atlantis

As mentioned, we also had lunch at Pita, which is a small Mediterranean restaurant (for example, chicken shawarma, hummus, tabbouleh) in a separate area with tables near the beach. This is my favorite recipe, and it’s so good, and so reasonably priced. My husband and I split a separate plate for $20. If we were staying at Atlantis longer, we would come back every day for lunch.

Easy Ways To Save Money At Atlantis Resort In The Bahamas

For dinner we ate at Cafe Martinique at the marina, a nice new restaurant. I describe it as feeling like a Bahamian restaurant and my husband describes it as a French Bahamian restaurant. However, this is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. The food is seasonal and nutritious, with many high-quality options. Very expensive ($300+ per pair) and very good; However, none of the six

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