Cozy Apartment Ideas

Cozy Apartment Ideas – If you’ve just moved into a new dorm or apartment and it’s looking boring, dirty and empty, here are some decorating ideas to make your new place feel like home.

The key to creating a cozy atmosphere in even the most plain, white and bare space is to add small pieces that reflect you. In this photo you will see a series of photos that will inspire you and remind you of the precious things in your life.

Cozy Apartment Ideas

Cozy Apartment Ideas

I also like to add stems to give the room a natural tone and free feel – so everything isn’t rigid. Adding flowers and plants, whether real or silk, can help bring a cozy and natural vibe to any space.

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In addition, the low shelving system helps organize all books and magazines and showcases all artist supplies such as pottery and brushes.

In this photo I love the combination of different materials in one room – from sheer curtains to wicker chairs to acrylic tables. It’s different, but it gives the room its own unique and cozy atmosphere.

One easy way to add a cozy vibe to a room is to incorporate more natural textures—think rich green bouquets with touches of pink and white, woven baskets, rustic white ceramic pieces, and burlap rugs.

If you tend to leave a lot of little things lying around, try a tray to keep all those little things in one organized place. It helps you lose things like keys, glasses, sticks, etc.

Best Small Apartment Living Room Design And Decor Ideas

I know most of us won’t have large windows in our homes – but I still love this place for the minimal and very simple choice of furniture: from using pallets for beds to simple tables. It’s unassuming and unassuming — and feels very homey

This place makes me so happy – it’s definitely the kind of place you want to get out of bed in the morning and start a new day.

This small bedroom is a wonderful mix of coziness and fun: I love the mix of patterns: from the bright yellow to the comfort and mix of carpets on the floor.

Cozy Apartment Ideas

Keeping everything in color is a great way to create a more cohesive space: I love a neutral color palette. Brown, black and white are an easy way to make the room aesthetically pleasing.

Elements To Decor A Cozy Small Studio Apartment

I love the arrangement of hanging shelves and round mirrors in the corner – round or oval mirrors break up any square, inorganic geometry in the room and give the room a more relaxed vibe.

Fill your space with plants to give your home a more vibrant and earthy vibe. And there are plenty of beautiful plants that thrive in low light—peace lilies, golden pothos, succulents, and snake plants, for example.

If you have a small apartment, you can try the idea of ​​putting your desk next to your bed. It forms a corner or a divided space; However, the longer desk offers more space to work at the side.

Decorate your space with a quote, artwork or photo that inspires you to be who you are every day. Surround your space with little things that bring you back to a goal, a state of mind, or a feeling.

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I love the idea of ​​creating a dedicated area to get ready for a night out with a chair, storage shelf, clothes rack and mirror.

I love the idea of ​​creating a bookshelf next to the bed for all the book lovers out there.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and got some inspiration for your apartment or home. Make it a comfortable and safe place where you feel comfortable and at ease

Cozy Apartment Ideas

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This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program that offers sites the opportunity to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to! Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) is here today. Over the years I have lived in several small houses and rental apartments. From a dorm room in college, a small one bedroom apartment on my sister’s campus, a 600 square foot studio apartment and now a 500 square foot one bedroom apartment… small spaces are very familiar to me! I really enjoy designing each of my little houses to have comfortable, peaceful, happy and inspiring spaces.

Last week I made an Amazon Live video sharing some of my favorite tips for small, cozy spaces. If you missed it, you can play the video again by clicking here.

Genius College Apartment Decor Ideas For A Stunning Apartment Aesthetic

You can use the tips whether you rent or own a house! If you prefer reading to watching videos, I’ll give you some tips below. 🙂 🙂

Here are 5 clever ways to make a small space cozy and inviting, plus some clever “hacks” you can use to jazz up your home this fall!

Soft lighting is the key to an extra, comfortable space. Here are some lighting ideas I use in my home:

Cozy Apartment Ideas

In a small space it is very important to be selective in your choice of decoration and to be very conscious in your presentation. I want to make my everyday practical things as beautiful as possible. But just because it’s practical or pretty doesn’t mean it should stay out! Less is often more and too much visual clutter can overwhelm a space.

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximise A Tiny Space

I first consider what item I will be using on a daily basis and then decide if it also contributes to the style of my room. When the answer to both questions is yes, I usually give up. If it’s too messy for my liking, I remove things and put them in a closet or drawer.

For example, in my kitchen, I leave the hot water pots outside because I use them every day, so it’s impractical to take them out of the cupboard every day. Simple and white, they add personality to my kitchen! (Click here for my white neck teapot and here for my black and white teapot).

However, there are other things that I use every day and like to carry around with me (the less beautiful things, of course, but even if they are beautiful, I can’t make everything with limited space!) coffee mugs, coffee grinders, coffee filters, coffee beans , my spilled vitamins, kitchen utensils, etc…these are the things that are not appropriate for display in my kitchen.

It’s a good idea to “check” your home regularly to see if the clutter is greater than you’d like. Sometimes we get used to what we’ve always had. If you take a closer look, you might find that you have something that doesn’t really inspire you or that you don’t use very often. Put it in a closet and see if you like the simpler, more basic look!

Charming Ideas To Make Your Apartment Feel Cozier

But remember, it’s your home, so you can decide how comfortable and tidy you want to feel. If you like it, great. This is a personal choice. There really aren’t any hard and fast rules. Her makeup doesn’t have to be perfect (not mine!) and it doesn’t have to last long. 🙂 🙂

There is something to see every day! You can find it because it makes you happy to see it. Some of my favorite decorative pieces that I enjoy include the classic flower book set and My Face beaded plant string.

Do you remember the Disney Channel movie Smart Home? I watched as a kid and dreamed of one day having a house with these robotic features that make life more convenient ha! Now I do it in a (less conservative) way. Houses that serve us! Here are a few things I use to make living in a small space more comfortable:

Cozy Apartment Ideas

Source wall shelf (sorry out of stock but you can request a notification when it comes back)

A Cozy And Charming Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Making good use of vertical storage in a small space is essential! I’ll have to make a post on organizing another time, but here are two things I’ve found useful lately:

Click here to watch my Amazon Live Replay video where I share these small space tips and more decorating ideas!

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