Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults – Think amazing coral reefs with aquatic life, calm turquoise waters, pink sand beaches and a relaxed lifestyle. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the Bahamas is exactly what we pictured. The Bahamas is a Caribbean country with 700 islands and 2,400 islands, but only 30 of them are inhabited.

The Bahamas is the perfect destination for expats, solo travelers, digital nomads or anyone looking for a life full of excitement and adventure. So let’s check out the top 10 places to stay in the Bahamas before we pack our bags.

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

Top 10 Places to Live in the Bahamas 1. New Providence Island   Best place to live for expats

Best Overwater Bungalows In Bahamas (2023)

New Providence Island is one of the islands of the Bahamas. Located in the Nassau region, in the central part of the country, The beautiful island epitomizes the Bahamian way of life with unique art galleries, museums, beautiful resorts and peaceful beaches.

It seamlessly blends modern features with old world charm. In addition to breathtaking views and exciting activities, the island is also a commercial hub that offers the perfect work-life balance.

Tip: If you are a James Bond fan, go to the British Colonial House to experience the 007 atmosphere.

Grand Bahama Island is an adventure hotspot that includes a variety of underwater and land-based group activities. The island has two major cities, Lucaya and Freeport. Both cities offer locals and visitors alike vibrant nightlife, stunning accommodation and rich shopping centres.

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas

For bird lovers, the island has mangroves, home to native and migratory birds. This destination is perfect for groups who want to experience the enchanting nature of the archipelago.

Tip: Be a pirate for a day in Lucayan National Park, the filming location of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

San Salvador is the perfect island getaway with tranquil beaches and shallow coral reefs. Although it is one of the smaller islands, it is full of wildlife and offers more than 50 dive sites to explore.

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

The island is also great for history buffs, as Christopher Columbus visited on his first expedition.

Honest Guide: Where To Stay In The Bahamas Islands & Hotels

Paradise Island is one of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas. With white sand beaches, charming resorts and activities for the whole family, it’s not hard to see why. The island is a true paradise, home to the largest water park, casino and aquatic habitat outside the Caribbean.

Home to the famous Bahamian porpoise, the Exumas are a destination you should never miss. With its white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, dining options and elegant accommodations, the island offers a breathtaking experience.

People from all over the world choose to visit and stay here because it is an island where language is not a barrier.

Eleuthera is an enchanting island perfect for anyone looking for an untouched Bahamian lifestyle experience. The island isn’t as developed as the rest of the Bahamas, but it can definitely knock things off your bucket list. The island has clear turquoise waters, several airports and many stunning resorts.

Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island

One of the smallest islands in the Bahamas, with a population of about 2,000, Harbor Island is a wonderful little getaway. Other parts of the island have a more western feel with colonial architecture, cottages and British restaurants. Pink sand beaches, coral reefs and calcium carbonate, which is the main material of pearls, shells and snails, are other features that make this island unique for life.

Stunning homes, sparkling restaurants and many marinas make up The Abacos. This island is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect work-life balance. You can take a leisurely walk on the beaches, go fishing or even sail in the blue waters.

The west coast has white sand beaches with crystal clear water, while cliffs rise above the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Long Island. The best of the island are the exotic birds like the barn owl and mourning dove that you can see everywhere on the island.

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

Cat Island is a place where people relax and disconnect from the rest of the world. It offers a relaxed and fun lifestyle. You can stroll along the beautiful beaches, climb the stone steps of Mount Alvernia or learn about mermaids and the wreck of a Spanish warship.

The Atlantis, Bahamas Review

Tip: Meet the mythical creatures at Mermaid Hole, Boiling Hole and Big Blue Hole. Where is the best place to stay in the Bahamas? Well, that’s a tough question considering that every island in the Bahamas is unique, which means that when planning a trip to this slice of paradise, you need to know what you want to get out of your vacation.

However, difficult does not mean impossible to answer. To find out, we must first know more about the most famous islands of the Bahamas, a tropical archipelago with 700 islands and apricots. Note that not all islands are habitable, which makes the decision easier.

The main islands where you can stay and have fun in the Bahamas are New Providence (where the capital Nassau is located), Paradise Island, Exumas, Bimini, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera and Abaco Islands.

New Providence is the “hippest” place in the Bahamas, where you can combine relaxing days on the beach with a stroll through historic downtown Nassau to enjoy restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Paradise Island is one of the most touristic places with a water park perfect for families with children. For a more low-key beach holiday, head to The Exumas for its powdery white sand beaches and stunning blue waters. Surfers want a relaxing vacation in Eleuthera from October to April.

Top Things To Do On Harbour Island, Bahamas

These are just four of the islands you can explore in the Bahamas, and to help you choose the right destination, we’ve rounded up the 14 best islands in the Bahamas.

Note: Although the island is called New Providence, it is often called Nassau – which is the main city on the island. Often, both names refer to the same place.

New Providence at a Glance: New Providence is the most popular island in the Bahamas to travel to because it is the center of all things Bahamian. From restaurants to bars, from shops to casinos, Nassau has everything you need at your fingertips and you can easily reach the other islands (including the outer islands) if you want to. – explore.

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

The islands of the Bahamas have long been associated with the place where the rich and famous gamble, vacation and bank. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, exploring the old town, shopping or enjoying the vibrant nightlife, including a stop at the casinos, Nassau is one of the most popular islands in the Bahamas. Visitors to New Providence Island are often drawn to the variety of resorts available, including the adults-only Royal Bahamian Resort (which includes a private offshore island accessible only to guests).

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The “Outer Islands” – Most international flights arrive at Nassau / New Providence, which is the political and business center of the Bahamas. This is the “most common” island connected by a bridge to Paradise Island. The term “Out-Islands” is used to include all the other islands of the Bahamas. These islands tend to be less populated and more remote. Some of the most popular islands outside the Bahamas include Exuma, Eleuthera, Abaco and Long Island.

Whether you’re staying in New Providence or just taking a day trip, getting there shouldn’t be a problem. There is plenty of local transportation to and from the capital city of Nassau. However, if you fly to the Bahamas, you can fly directly to Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS), which is located in the center of the island’s capital.

However, you can also reach Nassau by ferry. The ferry departs from Miami, Florida. However, you can bring your car on the ferry if you wish. Additionally, Nassau is easily accessible by plane or boat from another island in the Bahamas.

Nassau and New Providence are full of activities, from relaxing beach days to nightlife and fine dining. Some of our favorite things to do in New Providence:

Where To Stay In The Bahamas? The 14 Best Islands To Visit

There are many more activities to do in Nassau during your Bahamas vacation. This is a great place for families, couples, and other adults to stay on the island, as there are many excursion options nearby.

Tip: Take a day trip to Rose Island by boat. You can see the villas of the rich and famous, visit amazing beaches and go for some amazing snorkeling! Do you like diving? Guests of the all-inclusive resort in Royal Nassau, Bahamas can dive in the most amazing underwater areas – for free (maximum two tanks per day). It includes top of the line equipment!

Paradise Island in a nutshell: Paradise Island is a great choice for families with children. This is the “poster boy”

Best Place To Stay In The Bahamas For Adults

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